Monday, September 18, 2006

L'Anjou Patisserie is Rude

Before our drive into the city, Peter and I stopped at the local patisserie for some breakfast. We were in a rush, so we ordered two croissants to go. The girl they have working the cash register could not get it together. She charged me $18 for two croissants, a coffee, and a juice.

When I pointed out that it shouldn't cost that much, the old lady who works there acted like I was trying to sneak off with a pastry under my shirt. She insisted that the total was correct. I told her (very nicely) that I wasn't paying $20 for two croissants.

Of course, during this whole exchange, Peter is sitting at a table, munching on his chocolate croissant because he "couldn't wait a minute longer" and watching this whole exchange as if he was just a casual observer not in the process of consuming what may well have been $8 worth of croissant.

It took about 10 minutes for me to spell out what I had ordered and for them to straighten it out. While the old lady was punching in the numbers, she said - under her breath, "I bet you'll end up paying even more."

The total came out to be $9 and I said, "Where I come from, that's a lot less than $18."

After all the hubbub, we got in the car and I was so annoyed at the old lady. I couldn't believe that she made that snide comment.

"Oh, come on. She was just joking. You can't read people at all," Peter said.

She was so NOT joking - but Peter didn't want me to blacklist the patisserie because he likes their food.

I get settled in the car, take a sip of my juice, and on the Saw Mill Parkway, I bite into the ham and cheese croissant.

It was ice-cold, and rock-solid. I couldn't believe it!

I spit it out, turned to Peter, and said:

I am NEVER going back to that place EVER AGAIN!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry it was so bad. I've had those experiences from time to time in different places, but never in L'Anjou. She's not the owner at all, and sometimes a little crabby. The owner and his wife are lovely. Been going there for years. Also, try the hamburgers at The Pig.

Anonymous said...

honestly... I'm having a hard time believe this story... this is the best bakery i have ever had in my life, everything I've had there is fresh... and the old lady isn't the owner... the owners are nothing but nice and willing to help... maybe next time u should ask for the owners....

plue said...

It might have been a fluke thing--both those people at the store looked clueless. My husband had gone there a few times before that incident and he really liked it, but we never went back after that day--and now we're not in that neighborhood anymore. But the story is definitely true. Glad to hear that my experience is not the norm.