Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Most Popular Gadget in America

The other day Peter and I took a walk in Pemaquid Point in Maine.

Oh, did I not tell you all we're on a vacation in Maine?

Of course you didn't know we were away--I haven't posted in a million years. Sorry internet. I can give you a ton of excuses why I haven't posted recently, but the truth is that I am just plain lazy.

So anyway, we're walking around and I take out my iPhone so that Peter can take a picture of me.

A lady in a Pemaquid Point sweatshirt offers to take a photo of the two of us, so I gladly hand over the iPhone. She looks at it and says:

"What is this?"

I'm all, "Uhmmm. That's the...iPhone."

And she said, "Wow! It's a lot of FUN!"

Later in the car, Peter said, "Wasn't that strange? I mean, when she asked us what the iPhone was, I almost said, 'It's the iPhone, also known as the most popular gadget in America.' I think they're a little behind the times here in Maine. The do have The Internet, don't they?"

Then I said, "I thought I was late in the game, after all, I'm the last of my friends to get one."

So we kept driving for a little while and I suddenly thought of something.

"If she's wearing a Pemaquid Point sweatshirt, then she's not from around here, is she? I mean, why would you get a tourist sweatshirt from your hometown?"

Monday, June 07, 2010

Our New Pet

We found a carpenter ant in our house, which of course, FREAKED ME OUT. I wanted to call the pest control guys and have them shoot poison into our walls to get rid of the ants which were probably going to DESTROY MY HOUSE.

But Peter? He was poking holes in the tupperware we caught the ant in and feeding it dog kibble.

He was all, "Don't PANIC. Unless you see a bunch of carpenter ants, we don't have a problem. Sometimes random ones forage for food. This does NOT mean that we're infested."

I'm so glad he's much more level-headed than I am.