Wednesday, November 05, 2008

No Stickers!

I went and voted yesterday and yes, I am SO PSYCHED that we have a first non-white president of the United States. BUT I didn't get a STICKER! :(

Mamaroneck-voting SUCKS!

Part of the fun of going to vote is getting that little sticker. It's like going to the dentist when you're five years old, but without the teeth-cleaning.

After I pressed all my levers and pulled the curtain back, I asked one of the guys who worked there for my sticker.

"What da ya mean?" He asked. "Like a smiley-face sticka or somethin'?"

Boy, I feel like I totally miss out on everything good here in Westchester.

1 comment:

Anna May Won't said...

i didn't get a sticker either! but i didn't even know i was supposed to till later.