Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Idealized You by Wii

Last weekend I was really excited to have Peter's friends over because I had made Miis that looked EXACTLY like them. It was astonishing how close I got.

So when we turned it on during halftime of the Steeler's game, the Miis came on the screen and the comments were:

"That doesn't look like me at all!"

"Where's my goatee?"

"Why do I have a smirk on my face?"

"My eyes don't look like that!"

Okay. Hold. The Freak. Up.

The Wii gives you like 8 types of faces and a VERY LIMITED amount of variations. I had created these two masterpieces of Wii Mii. I had become the Leonardo da Vinci of the Mii and here they were COMPLAINING?

I felt like saying:

"This is the idealized you. Notice that you didn't say, 'Where's my drinking problem?' 'Where's my gut?' 'Where's my bald spot?'"

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