Thursday, January 07, 2010

Which One to Buy?

The single most annoying thing about buying appliances are that manufacturers make so many of them!

When I was shopping for a stove, there are a gazillion stoves at Sears--and even when you've whittled down the manufacturers, let's say, Whirlpool? Whirlpool makes a gajillion free-standing standard one-oven stoves!

I just wish that there was a store that was just called "Buy This One." Just TELL ME what your best product is!

Right now I'd like to get a dehydrator--and I've given up! Yes, I know Excalibur makes the best dehydrator, but what is the difference between the ED 2900 vs the ED2500? Not to mention the 3900 Deluxe Series? Why should I buy the Deluxe Series? Why are you making all these different kinds of dehydrators? Why can't you just make one and say--"That's it! That's our best one."

This is not like a diner with lots of things on the menu--because each item on the menu is a different food. When you read the descriptions of the Excaliburs--I can't see anything different.

This happened a few weeks ago when I was shopping for a Garmin. Should I get the Nuvi 255W or the 350? The 265W/265 WT? Or how about the 780? The difference in price ranges from $130 to $400.

Huh? Wha? Uhm....

It was too much. I gave up and didn't buy ANY Garmin in protest.

Fuck you Garmin! You and all your choices!! They are totally paralyzing me!!


Rae said...

This Excalibur dehydrator comparison chart shows the different models. They all have similar features. The biggest difference is how much square foot of drying space do you want or need?

plue said...

Thanks! I know I want a 9 tray--so I'll probably choose one of those--I am guessing that the 2900 is cheaper because there's no timer so I'll probably get that one.