Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Most Popular Gadget in America

The other day Peter and I took a walk in Pemaquid Point in Maine.

Oh, did I not tell you all we're on a vacation in Maine?

Of course you didn't know we were away--I haven't posted in a million years. Sorry internet. I can give you a ton of excuses why I haven't posted recently, but the truth is that I am just plain lazy.

So anyway, we're walking around and I take out my iPhone so that Peter can take a picture of me.

A lady in a Pemaquid Point sweatshirt offers to take a photo of the two of us, so I gladly hand over the iPhone. She looks at it and says:

"What is this?"

I'm all, "Uhmmm. That's the...iPhone."

And she said, "Wow! It's a lot of FUN!"

Later in the car, Peter said, "Wasn't that strange? I mean, when she asked us what the iPhone was, I almost said, 'It's the iPhone, also known as the most popular gadget in America.' I think they're a little behind the times here in Maine. The do have The Internet, don't they?"

Then I said, "I thought I was late in the game, after all, I'm the last of my friends to get one."

So we kept driving for a little while and I suddenly thought of something.

"If she's wearing a Pemaquid Point sweatshirt, then she's not from around here, is she? I mean, why would you get a tourist sweatshirt from your hometown?"

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