Monday, April 18, 2011

You Spin Me Right Round

Right now my arms feel like they're about to fall off, my hands are shaking, and I feel sick to my stomach--I even have the shakes. What happened to me? I just failed my first spin class.

This class felt like TORTURE. And it's not only because that teeny-tiny seat just about dug right into my lady parts. I'm still feeling the burn.

Just ten minutes into the class, I felt like getting out--and the worst part was I didn't even know how long the class was going on. We cycled like super-crazy, then we got up and cycled standing up for five whole minutes--the longest five minutes of my life, then we were supposed to hunch over and cycle some more like crazy, still balancing on our feet.

On my way home from the workout I called my sister Jenny.

Me: I just took my first spin class.

Jenny: That's great! Wasn't it super-fun?

Me: No, it was TORTURE.

Jenny: What? Did you tell the instructor it was your first class?

Me: Yes, and all she said was--"Good luck keeping up! Ha. Ha. Ha."

Jenny: She's supposed to make sure that you're seated in correctly and show you how the resistance levels work.

Me: My arms feel like they're about to fall off and my hands are shaking.

Jenny: That's not good. I think you're seat was too high. There's NO REASON why your arms should hurt. Your legs should hurt. That instructor doesn't sound very good. I think you should try it again with another instructor.

Me: I'm NEVER trying this again. The whole time I was on the bike, I was all, "I HATE THIS. Why do people like this?"

Jenny: No, you should come to my gym. I have a great instructor and it's really fun if you do it right. I have to show you because it seems like you were supporting yourself with your arms and hands and you're really supposed to be working your core.

Me: I didn't know that! I wasn't working my core at all! Sucky Westchester lady's gym! Y'know, I took a Zumba class there too and it was all over the place.

Jenny: Oh, Young is a great dancer and she can't do Zumba. That's for pros.

Me: Okay, I'll try a class with you with a GOOD instructor and see if I like it. I definitely think I was doing something wrong because my lady parts are all sore too.

Jenny: Oh THAT? That's normal. You're just going to have to get used to it.


Jana from Running Vegetarian said...

I happen to stumple across your blog randomly and because I am a vegetarian and you married one I started following. I wanted to tell you that your posts crack me up!

plue said...

Thanks Jana! Vegetarians are some of my favorite people!