Saturday, June 18, 2011

16 and Pregnant...and Stupid

There's a show on television that I can't tear myself away from and it is 16 and Pregnant.

I know, it's totally strange. I think this is the same part of me that loved to watch Jon and Kate Plus 8. One time when my sister and I were watching the show, my husband said, "I don't understand the appeal to this show. It's just a show about two people taking care of some kids."

"Yeah," my sister said. "But we're compelled to watch because there's just so many of them."

My favorite episode is the one where the anorexic girl is having a baby and she asks the doctor, "So, do you think it's possible to lose weight while I'm pregnant?"

Uhm...yeah...because you want a baby that weighs negative pounds.

And then one of her friends tries to get her to eat some food and says, "Aren't you supposed to be taking prenatal vitamins?"

The 16-year-old's response was: "I do when I remember to take them...about once a week."

Yup. This is why the show should be called 16 and Pregnant...and STUPID.

The funny thing is that a lot of the 16-year-old pregnant girl's friends have been forbidden to socialize with the pregnant girls. However, I think that hanging out with a teenager who is pregnant is the best thing to scare your daughter shitless.

There's a scene in that anorexic girl episode where she starts to go into labor while her friends are all over her house for a sleepover. All the girls burst into tears and broke out into hysterics. There was not one level head in the room.

No one said, "Okay! Let's get you to the hospital! Where are your bags?"

Instead, there was a lot of freaking out, hand-wringing and crying as the pregnant girl passes out at the dinner table.

Another reason not to get pregnant as a teenager: Your friends are just not ready to handle it.


Jana from Running Vegetarian said...

Guess what... the girl you are talking about... is from my hometown.

I will say that out of all the 16 and pregnant's. He baby was one of the heaviest. Which is odd considering.

plue said...

You know, now I feel bad about writing about her. Yes, I think teenage pregnancy is a horrible situation to be caught in. And I actually think the show does try to portray how difficult this is on all levels. I do have compassion for her, but her behavior was extremely selfish--but I suppose you are supposed to be kind of stupid and selfish at 16--I know I was. But thanks for your note--I will be more careful about what I say about real people who live in real towns. Sometimes when you watch TV, you kind of forget that aspect.

Jana from Running Vegetarian said...

I should have probably said that I sort of agreed with you. But I can't imagine being anorexic and being pregnant. I bet it is a real struggle.

I was just pointing out that she couldn't have been starving herself as much as the show portrayed because her baby was a healthy weight. Over eight pounds. She is doing a pretty good job too. She graduated high school a few weeks ago and has plans to attend a community college in the fall. She is lucky in that she has a very supportive family (even though it didn't appear that way on the show)

I don't know this girl but it was pretty neat to see restaurants and places that I have been to. :) I have only been following her because she is from my town.

plue said...

I'm glad that her family is more supportive in real life. They made her mother such a villain--but sometimes I think they stage that on purpose for added drama.