Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Slovenly Vs. Sloppy

The other day I bumped into a person I know from town at the local coffee shop. She was wearing this old strappy-type dress that hung so low that her boobs were kind of hanging all out. And we're not talking movie-star boobs, but momish boobs. Plus, she was carrying around this really old pocketbook--it was dark with dirt and yuckiness. Also, she didn't look like she had washed her hair in days. She's kind of a salesperson, so I didn't understand why she doesn't take more care with her appearance.

I came home and told Peter that I didn't understand why my friend wanted to look so slovenly.

"Well, you look slovenly sometimes."

"Uh... Uhm... EXCUSE ME?" I said. "I may look SLOPPY all the time, but I don't EVER LOOK SLOVENLY."

Apparently, Peter didn't know the difference.

Sloppy is when you might not iron your shirt so it's still a bit wrinkly, but slovenly is when you don't even bother putting on a bra.

So after a loooong discussion where he took back the part about saying I was SLOVENLY--I said:

"The thing is, she IS married. Isn't it her husband's job to tell her that she doesn't look very good in that dress?"

And Peter said: "Oh, nooooooooo. That's the LAST thing he would ever do."

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Carrie Glover said...

Love the blog Slovenly Vs Sloppy.

A friend emailed me your link and the posting is hilarious. My friend forwarded it to me as I have my own blog called Lovesarcasmandmydutchboyfriend My long term boyfriend contantly give me comments a long the line of your husband and I post them as they are very humourous but at my expense. I loved your blog reminds me of my guy. Thanks for the laugh.