Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Gazpacho Incident

Tonight we had a Gazpacho mishap. The recipe calls for crumbs made from French bread. In my house, we only have old hamburger buns that were in the freezer.

Unfortunately, the frozen hamburger buns bread crumbs congealed into pieces of glop in the Gazpacho. Peter was really upset. He kept saying things like, "Why would you do that?" and "You ruined it."

Of course, whenever I ruin food, I now get this terrible food guilt. I didn't used to, because in my family, we're like, "Ruined food? That's okay, you could stand to lose a few pounds anyways."

But Peter is Italian, and in his household, the 11th Commandment is "Thou Shalt Not Throw Away Food. Ever." 

So, in order to remedy the situation, Peter decided to blend the Gazpacho to make it more one-texture-like, sort of like the Gazpacho at Harry's Burrito in Larchmont (and in NYC).

Now the Gazpacho looks like Lobster Bisque. The tomatoes and green peppers have turned the soup into a puke-like, seafoodish color. Totally gross. And now I can say that HE ruined it more.

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