Monday, June 26, 2006

Sloppy Joe's and Gazpacho

Tonight I made Sloppy Joes using the Fantastic Foods mix I bought at the local supermarket. I wanted to make hummus, but couldn't find any tahini at the local Stop & Shop.

When I asked one of the supermarket ladies where I could find tahini, she looked at me like I was crazy and said, "I've NEVER heard of that."

"Have you ever had hummus?" I asked.

She said, "Yup, all the time!"

"Well, tahini is what makes hummus taste so good."

Anyway... Last week I picked up Lost Recipes : Meals to Share with Friends and Family by Marion Cunningham. It was brand-new and only $3 at the library book sale. I tried out the Gazpacho and Peter really liked it. I looked through the other recipes, and they seem like they would be good, but almost every recipe that is not a salad starts out with a stick of butter. It seems like these recipes might have gotten lost because everyone who used to make these recipes died of heart disease.

There was one section of the book called: "Yesterday's Side Dish - Today's Vegetarian Centerpiece." I thought that was great, because I like to buy regular cookbooks that contain vegetarian meals, but you always have to hunt around for the vegetarian options. Here, it was all nicely compiled in one section.

HOWEVER - the second vegetarian recipe, Pilaf, calls for beef broth. Go figure.

I guess Marion Cunningham is just like my grandmother. Whenever Peter comes over the house, she always says stuff like, "I know Peter's vegetarian, but he'll have chicken soup if I pick out all the chicken, right?"

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