Friday, October 13, 2006

There are Tailies at The Office

Peter and I love the show "The Office," which reminds us of the place we both worked for when we met. We had a boss who clipped his nails in his office and played favorites. Michael is actually a much better boss than the one we had because at least Michael would not have cut people's work hours so that the company could deny them benefits which padded the bottom line and therefore padded his Christmas bonus. Yes, that guy is going to be carried in a handbasket straight to Hell.

What I don't understand about this season in The Office is this:

Why is Jim working at the Stamford office, and why are we subjected to these new Stamford office people?

This happened on "Lost" - during the second season, we were introduced to "The Tailies." They were the survivors who were on the tail end of the plane.

I just want to concentrate on the regular office, I DON'T want to know about these new frat-boy/sorority-girl types and I hope that they go away. I like Pam and Jim. I DO NOT like this new girl the show is foisting on us.

Peter, on the other hand, says he likes the new girl better because "she's prettier."

Me: Even though Pam is better you would pick the other girl because she's prettier?

Peter: (big pause)...Yes.


Anna May Won't said...

i also hate the people at the stamford office and that jim is flirting with that new girl!

oh, peter. ::shaking my head::

plue said...

I really don't get this story line at all. Jim finally professes his love for Pam. Pam breaks up with that dork. Jim moves to Stamford. Isn't this the part where they get together? Why the hell is he flirting with someone else?