Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Westchester Tells Monday to GO SCREW!

More than once Peter and I have decided to go out to lunch on a Monday afternoon. Just because Monday is that day when I don't feel like making something because, quite frankly, I go shopping on Tuesday, so we've run low on almost everyhing except tortilla chips and that really sad banana Peter's mother put in the refrigerator. (By the way, DON'T PUT BANANAS IN THE REFRIGERATOR! They turn brown, then black, and I will pretend that they do not exist.)

Today we got into a parking space, put our two quarters in, and went to the Bollywood Bistro.

We get out of the car, and the restaurant has two doors - one is obviously a door and juts out onto the street, so the immediate instinct is to try to get in that door. There is a note on that door that says "PLEASE USE THE DOOR ON YOUR LEFT."

Unfortunately, we don't see the door on the left because it's kind of smushed into the building and it looks just like the other glass windows surrounding it. So, we're hunting around, and this guy says to us:

"The door's right here, but the restaurant is closed on Mondays."

Without thinking, I yell, "WESTCHESTER SUCKS!"

Then I look at the guy sheepishly, because the people who live here? They LOVE IT HERE and defend its honor the way a mother bear protects its cubs -- so if you say anything to the contrary, they will try to pull apart your appendages, one limb at a time.

When I get back in the car, I say, "Why didn't we call ahead of time? I mean, we called two other places before we left, other places which are closed on Mondays. Why did we think THIS PLACE wouldn't be closed?"

Peter said, "This is the LAST STRAW. First of all, the food was just okay, Secondly, their waiters cannot pour water into your glass without spilling it ALL OVER THE TABLE, and NOW THIS!! We are NEVER COMING BACK HERE AGAIN!"

Our list of Westchester restaurants we are never going back to? Growing by the minute.

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running42k said...

I know of some decent restaurants up here but it is a hell of a drive for you.