Friday, November 30, 2007

I Did That Already

My sister calls my house about five times while I was TAKING A NAP. She called my cell, then my house phone. I heard the rings, but didn't bother to answer it. Finally, my very concerned husband gets the phone and brings it to the room.

"She might be lonely," he said. "Or she might want to talk to you about something."

"I know her. She just wants to tell me about some product she saw online."

Of course I didn't know that she was actually on the line so in order to call her, I press the "talk" button, which hangs up the phone. This happens to me every other time I grab the phone.

When I finally reach her, she says:

"I have the most BRILLIANT idea for a present for Mommy and Daddy!!!! We just went to a lecture and this person talked to us about FAIR TRADE COFFEE! Don't you think they'll LOVE THAT?!!"

"I tried that a few years ago and Mommy didn't like it."

"Oh...That figures. Once again, my brilliant idea is something that you've already thought of and executed."

That's right, this is the only perk to having a fourteen-year head start.


running42k said...

I think Fair Trade Coffee is a great gift myself.

You still call your folks Mommy and Daddy?

jenny said...

ok FIRST of all, I always call your cell first b/c you told me to b/c it's free, but you never pick up so then I call your house phone! furthermore, 11:00 AM is NOT acceptable napping time! if it were around 3 or 4 PM I would have maybe rethought that second call! sheesh!

plue said...

I think Fair Trade Coffee is great, but I was trying to wean my mother off of Kona, which she was asking me to buy practically every week (at $20 a can, it was getting expensive). No dice, she digs the Kona, as does Peter.

And yes, I still call my parents Mommy and Daddy. Is that something everyone else grows out of?