Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Sometimes, I Think: "Do They Know Me?"

My sister told me that the day Michael Jackson died, my parents came home from work and said to her, "I hope your sister's not taking it too hard. He was her favorite."

Although I am sad to find out that a childhood icon of mine has died, he wasn't one of my favorite artists. I never owned a Michael Jackson album (not even Thriller) and I don't know where my family members get this idea that I like him. My aunt gave me a Michael Jackson picture book biography and poster for my tenth birthday. 

I guess sometimes family members get this idea of you in their heads and they don't really take the time to really find out your true personality. We see this all the time during family events. Peter's siblings will say something like, "You were always a lazy teenager." And he'll be all, "What? I had three jobs and taking a full course load in college!" People just see what they want to see. 

Hulu is playing Prelude to a Kiss right now and it's my favorite movie because it completely demonstrates this exact feeling. Rita, Meg Ryan's character, has been transformed into an elderly gentleman (it's sort of like a Freaky Friday romantic comedy) and Rita's parents don't even realize this because they only see what they want to see. The play is one of my favorites and the movie does a good job of staying pretty close to the original script. I used to buy a copy of the play for boyfriends to see if they "got" me. Sad to say, most of the time, they never even cracked it open. 

I have wondered if it was because of this play that I became partial to boys named Peter. 

You can check it out here. It's free!

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