Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Stephan FRY!!

So Craig did a whole show with no audience with Stephen Fry.


Stephen Fry.

Who's that?

He was in that vampire movie.

You must be mistaken. Craig would never feature a guy on his show for a whole hour who I've never even heard of.

Why? Just because you've never heard of him, he isn't popular?


You know EVERYONE who's popular.

I know EVERYONE. And where do you know him from?

He was in that vampire movie. 

Yeah. That's real specific. 

The vampire movie with Tom Cruise...Interview With A Vampire.

You're thinking of Stephen Rea. Is THAT who Craig is having on his show?

No. It's Stephen FRY. I heard him say Stephen FRY. Google it if you don't believe me.

Fine. I will. 

(a minute later)

I guess you're right. Stephen Fry. 

I told you. Stephen FRY. Stephen FRY.

He's the guy from Wilde.

Oh yeah! He's the guy who played Oscar Wilde! 

You know who Stephen Rea is, right? 

Yeah, he was the guy in the vampire movie and The Crying Game. 

Remember the SECRET in that movie?

I saw that movie in Paris. And when they showed that transvestite, I was all, this better not be that BIG SECRET because I knew from the moment they showed him that it was a guy.

I thought it was a girl. 

Well, you didn't practically grow up in the Village. 


Anonymous said...

Stephen Fry and Stephen Rea both featured in a film called V for Vendetta (if you'd like a comparison, watch it for yourself) Fry is a pillar of the intellectual English community, a spokesman for homosexuality, vegetarianism, has traveled the world, holds a record IQ, has written several books, and is, in my and my friend's opinion, one of the pearls in a sifter of sand and dirt. You must look him up! He's a great comedian, actor, writer and performer. Hes had at least two of his own TV shows and he was roommates with Hugh Laurie.

If you dont know Hugh Laurie i have abandoned hope for you completely

Holland Kerr

plue said...

I love Hugh Laurie! He was crotchety Mr. Palmer in Sense and Sensibility.