Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Own Your Notes

Last week it was raining and when I got to my car, which was parked on a PUBLIC street, I found this note on my wet windshield:

It says:

If possible please leave this spot open, for I come home late from work and its very hard to find a parking space considering I have no driveway and you do.

Thank you for your consideration

Besides the fact that this person isn't very literate--I mean, c'mon neighbor! (its=possessive it's=it is)--this is about the fourth or fifth note we've gotten from a neighbor about parking. It's so ridiculous.

When I moved back into town, a guy I know who has lived here his whole life was so happy to see me and asked if I was glad to be back. I said yes, but I was getting stupid notes from my neighbors whenever I parked on the street. He got so mad that he offered to get his police officer friend to send letters out to my neighbors. I was all, uh, no, I think my neighbors hate me enough already.

You know, I also come home late from work and it isn't very hard to find a parking spot. Honestly, most of the homes are single-family so you just have to walk about three houses down on a very safe block. I get really annoyed when people are SO LAZY that they find it a complete hardship to walk a few extra feet.

I'm so thankful that I have legs and feet and that I can walk. Whenever someone is being ungrateful for something in their lives, I always say to them, "But hey, look on the bright side--you've got legs and feet! Some people would do ANYTHING to be able to walk." My friend Andrew is always, "'re STILL talking about the feet thing?" And I always answer him by saying, "Well, if YOU had an aunt who was in a wheelchair because she contracted polio, you would be thankful every single day you could walk also."

I mean, if you have the energy to go home, write a note, and put it on my car, then you certainly have the energy to walk a couple of steps to your house. And if you don't have feet, let me know! I would have total sympathy for you...but I've seen you guys and you all look like you have feet. And what's it to you, stupid neighbor, if I have a driveway or not? That's like saying, I would appreciate it if you could give me ten dollars because you have a driveway.

I find this note extremely cowardly because it is unsigned. I mean, own your notes, dude. Leave a phone number. If my neighbor actually wanted to open up the lines of communication, then I could tell her that we can't park in our driveway because the ramp needs to be fixed and it's just not at the top of our priorities budget-wise.

I also find this note totally infuriating because it is the same handwriting as the note I got on my car last year when it was parked on another spot in the street. Okay crazy neighbor! Even if you want to "claim" a public parking spot, don't try to "claim" two. I mean, that's just plain greedy.

I think the neighbors are getting upset because we've started to park our two cars in front of our house. Usually there are three cars parked there and now we're taking up two prime spots that our neighbors have gotten used to parking on. I asked Peter if he thinks that the neighbors are upset that we're parking our cars in front of our own houses and he said:

"Yeah. I bet they WISH they could write us a note about that."

Hmmm. Maybe I should park my car in front of my house and put a huge note on it saying:

"Don't you WISH you could write me a note telling me not to park here?"


Anonymous said...

How many neighbors do you have? I think you should park someplace else to see who takes the spot and then you'll draw out the "anonymous" author.

plue said...

I'm pretty sure I know who parks in the spot usually--it's my neighbor across the street whose wife is always parked in front of my house--which is why it's annoying. Plus, I think she's the one writing the notes--kind of girly handwriting. Another reason the notes are annoying is that I can count on one hand how many times I've parked there in the two years I've lived getting note EVERY time I just happen to park there? It's SOOO annoying.

plue said...

I'm pretty sure I know who the note-writer is--the same handwriting was on the notes (for different spots). But I feel that unsigned notes should go husband says that signed notes shall also go unheeded.