Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Yes to One More

Peter and I had the $8.95 lunch buffet yesterday at The Jackson Diner. We were already in Queens for a business meeting.

I really miss living so close to excellent food. I used to be able to walk to The Jackson Diner. Now it's about an hour's drive, but VERY worth it.

Afterwards, Peter and I went to the local dessert place to pick up what we call "honeyballs." Its Indian name starts with a G, but I can't ever remember it. They are little brown balls of heavenly deliciousness.

We walk in and Peter asks for 6 pieces. The man behind the counter puts six in a box, and it's about .84 pounds, so he says:

"Do you want one more to make 1 pound?"

Peter says yes, then later, as we walk away from the store, he says to me:

"If he had said, 'Do you want ten more to make 2 pounds?' I would have said yes."

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