Monday, January 08, 2007

The Dog Park Does Not Like Us

It's been too long since the dogs have gotten any exercise. I admit that it's my fault. I'm the one that is home most days, but they're big, and I'm a little hesitant to take them to dog parks by myself.

Yesterday, Peter agreed to go with us, so I found a dog park in a nearby town. We have the worst luck in the world when it comes to going to a restaurant/museum/dog park. For instance, last month I decided that we should try a new restaurant. I kept reading great reviews about The Inn at Pound Ridge, which supposedly has really good brunches, and it's about 15 minutes away from us, so I check out the web site, and we went. Of course, we get there and guess what? Closed and under new management.

My pet peeve is an establishment that has a non-updated web site. Why have a web site if you're not going to have accurate information on it?

Yesterday I checked out the dog park web site, downloaded directions, and rounded up the dogs. It was a beautiful day, 70 degrees in January, the most perfect winter day in New York ever. We get there with our handy new Garmin and Peter says, "I hope there's not too many people there."

We get there, there were strange twists and turns and we would have never found it on our own without "Jill," our handy electronic Garmin-voice. As we approach the dog park, Peter said, "Oh, great! There isn't anyone there at all."

Two seconds later he says, "Uh, oh. There isn't anyone there at all."

That's right. Because it's CLOSED until April.

The dog park Sucks Balls AND it doesn't update its web site. It deserves to go to internet hell.


Anonymous said...

Dear Plue;
Hope your feelings are not still the same. The dog park in Ossining has been very successful, and in fact was present and open when you went to visit. Unfortunately, you did not follow the signs, that clearly show where the new dog park is located. I am so sorry that JILL could not find the dog park :-) I hope that you will find it in your heart to give the dog park another chance, and we apologize for not updating the web site immediately. For your inforamtion, the Ossining Dog Park has been rated within the TOP 10 Best/Friendlist Dog parks in the US of A. So please do not be so quick to judge and comment on something you KNOW NOTHING ABOUT! FYI: WE are bringing potable water up to the dog park within the next month, watch the web site closely so you know when the park will be closed! On behalf of the all the patrons of the OSSINING DOG PARK, I wish to extend a personal invitation the experience a most pleasurable session for you as well as Rocky and Scout.


plue said...

Just to defend my post - there was a sign that said CLOSED UNTIL APRIL - not a sign that said NEW DOG PARK IS THISAWAY. And this post was written on Jan. 2007 - I'm not sure when the sign was put up. But we will check out the website and try to venture out there again soon. I'm sure the dog park is very friendly and wonderfulness, but I was judging and commenting on the website, not the park itself. So to correct my post, it should have read THE OSSINING DOG PARK WEBSITE DOES NOT LIKE US - now don't we all feel better?

Anonymous said...

When the original post was written the new area of the dog park was opened, all you had to do was follow the signs that say dog park. We have been up on top of the hill for over 3 years.

Don't be so quick to judge a park that is being duplicated all over the county. Do some research and check thing out before posting such a harsh posting.

plue said...

When we went to the dog park, there was a sign posted which stated that the dog park was CLOSED UNTIL APRIL.

So if it was open, then maybe someone in charge should have taken down that sign.

But it was NOT OPEN as the door was CHAINED UP.

I am not making this up, but you don't have to believe me. Also, I'm not judging -- I'm just stating the facts of my ONE experience trying to get to the dog park.

Anonymous said...

For anyone who is searching "Ossining Dog Park" who stumbles on this blog, you should know that the Ossining Dog Park is flourishing!

in 2005 it moved to its current hilltop site of about 2 acres, with a fenced area that accomodates both small/shy dogs as well as the active ones.

Now, in August 2010, we are celebrating our fifth anniversary. There is seating, a fountain (for both dogs and people), and a very friendly atmosphere.

The website is very useful.

Please come and enjoy a place for your dog to run and play with other dogs.