Thursday, January 18, 2007

We are Finally Getting a Sofa Thing

Tomorrow people are going to deliver a brand-new khaki-colored sofa that converts into a bed so that we can finally have a real guest room and not a room-full-of-junk-I-should-have-thrown-out-months-ago. I went through my room-full of junk, and because I'm a hoarder, it's really difficult for me to get rid of anything, even the spare flooring left over from when we got our floors put in. I mean, what if we need a plank of wood floor some day? And the fifth copy of the AAA New York City map? What if that Jehovah's Witness who comes over every weekend asks me how to get to the Triborough Bridge? I'll be able to give him my map. How horrible would I feel if I said to him, "Oh, I had a map, actually 5, but I wanted less clutter in my home so I threw is out. Sorry!"

But I am trying to be good about things, and not bury Peter in stuff. Also, I know that we will move from this place some day (probably soon, since Peter doesn't like condo-living. Once you go house-living, you can't go back. Plus we're too lazy to take out the dogs) and I don't want to have another nightmarish move where I am confronted by the boxes and boxes of junk I've accumulated.

The sofa that converts into a bed will be for our guest bedroom, so that our guests will be able to stay overnight. Peter has been trying to get me to clean that room up for weeks so that his mother can stay here for the weekend. It's been four months because, quite frankly, that's not much incentive.

If Peter had said, this guest bedroom needs to be cleaned out so that Kate Winslet can come spend the night, I would have had it done in two seconds. By throwing away all my stuff. Nothing's too good for Kate, my celebrity-best-friend.

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