Tuesday, January 09, 2007

We Don't Know That Person

Macy's keeps calling our phone number and telling us that they are trying to get in touch with Gloria Dingler. We keep ignoring these messages, but they have been really persistent.

Peter finally picks up the phone the other day to let them know that they can stop calling us, because we don't know Gloria Dingler and she doesn't live here. The conversation went like this:

Phone Operator: Alright, I'll call back another time.

Peter: But this is not her number.

PO: Yes, but this is the phone number she gave us, and we have to call that number.

Peter: No matter how many times you call that number, she's still not going to be here.

PO: It doesn't matter.

Peter: May I speak with your manager?

PO: I am the manager, sir. We're trying to collect this debt and I need to call this number.

So Peter got really aggravated and told her to take the number off the account. She said she would, but Peter doesn't believe her.

Of course, I'm thinking, "Gloria Dingler? Can that name sound more fake? She might as well be named Esmerelda Fragilistic.

Anyway, just in case Gloria Dingler is a real person and if you happen to know Gloria Dingler, Macy's is looking for her.

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