Friday, December 28, 2007

Movie Round-up 2007!

Peter and I went to a lot of movies this year, and I am famous for my "sound effects" movie reviews. Someone asked me if I liked Vanilla Sky and I said, "Well, at first it was like ohm-em and then it went whaiiiir."

My friend's response was, "I don't know why, but I totally get what you mean."

Here are my list of movie critiques in order of must-see.

Year of the Dog completely conned us. The previews showed a cute movie about a woman who loved dogs. The movie was not a cute movie. It was about a suicidal woman who has PROBLEMS. RUN don't walk AWAY from this movie.

Pirates of the Caribbean was really confusing. Why did the goddess get turned into a human? And why did she grow to be a jillion feet big and turn into gajillion crustaceans? And the glass eye was one of the sacred coins? Did these writers just pull stuff out of their butts? Did not enjoy.

The Darjeeling Limited
was worth seeing just because it looked great, but it was a bit of a mess script-wise. My favorite scene in the movie is the one where Adrien Brody (who I don't like) goes to get his father's car, which is still in the shop and isn't ready. He goes around the shop, crazy, trying to get the car going. He screams for items that he needs to fix the car, even though he doesn't have a clue and his brothers run around like mad trying to find the things that he needs. That scene embodies siblinghood. I can completely see me going crazy and demanding things at the top of my voice and my sisters running around trying to get them for me, just riding the wave of my hysteria until I calm down, because at that moment-- it's just what I need.

Margot at the Wedding was kind of excrutiating to watch because the characters are really terrible. I like Noah Baumbach's movies because they're so real, and I thought that the characters were interesting and terrible in their real human flaws. Each character made me think, "Oh my GOODNESS, that's ME!" at different times. And that mean criticizing mother played by Nicole Kidman made me miss my own grandmother. Ahh, memories.

The Bourne Ultimatum. The funniest part of going to see this movie wasn't even the movie. We got completely lost trying to find the theater because Peter is driving along, ladida, as if he knows where the theater is, and then ten minutes later, tells everyone in the car that he doesn't know where he's going. Luckily we had Garmina with us and she saved the day....again. As we walk into the screening room, we hear the commotion of an action sequence and someone is dead on the screen. My sister Jenny says, "Oh no! We missed the first murder!"

Superbad made me a bit nervous about raising kids in this day and age. I couldn't really get into this movie because I just don't think girls talk like that.

No Reservations.
We took Peter's mother to see this movie and all throughout the movie she would yell, "I LOOOVE THIS MOVIE! This is a BEAUTIFUL movie!" And Peter would have to remind her that we are not sitting in her living room, and see all these other people in the theater? They are not interested in your opinion.

Michael Clayton had the best movie quote of 2007. "I'm not the guy you KILL. I'm the guy you BUY OFF! Are you so BLIND that you can't see that? I sold out Arthur for 80 GRAND. I'm your EASIEST problem and you try to KILL ME?"

American Gangster was a good movie, but I didn't think they needed Russell Crowe. I mean, aren't we tired of that sweaty-toothed-telephone-throwing cave man?

The Namesake reminded me of what it must have been like for my parents who came to this country and left their family behind. I grew up in Elmhurst and those scenes early on reminded me of Queens. I also identified with the scene where Kal Penn goes jogging in India. I remember when I was 15 I put on my gym shorts and ran on the streets in Taiwan. Everyone in the street stared at me like YOU ARE CR-A-ZY.

Knocked Up had one major flaw. That Katherine Heigl is just way too cute to EVER hook up with that guy -- I don't care how drunk she was. But other than that fatal flaw, it was a good movie.

made me want to go out and open up a pie shop.

Lars and the Real Girl is a modern love story. Although, whenever there are movies about these nice small towns, I wonder if everyone really is that nice, or are they all secretly racist?

Juno was my favorite movie this year. Whew! That was a lot of movies.

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