Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Yes, We Did Black Friday -I'm Finally Ready to Talk About It

The day after Thanksgiving, we went to Woodbury Commons, which is the "Premier Outlet Store" in the area, for their huge blow-out all-night outlet sale.

We thought we were being smart, so we ended up taking a nap after the Thanksgiving dinner we ate at his mother's house. By the way, usually we have the dinner at around 3pm, but this year, his brother wanted to take off for home, which is in Albany, really early. He did not want to drive in the dark.

If any of you know the New York area at all, right after daylight savings time, the sun goes down at around 5pm, which means that Peter's brother's family would have to leave the house at around 1pm to drive home in the daylight.

So Peter's mother agreed to have the dinner at 1pm, so of course, Peter and I kept calling it lunch. Every time we said "lunch" Peter's mother had a conniption, and screamed:

"It's DINNER!"

Right. Dinner. At 1pm.

I guess we're having our midnight snack at 4pm.

Anyway, after we got home, we took a short nap and decided to get to the outlets at around 3am for the huge 12am-10pm blow-out sale with 40% OFF AT WILLIAMS-SONOMA!!!!

There are not many things we'll get our asses out of bed for, but 40% off already marked down prices for All-Clad? I haven't been this excited since we snuck out of the house in high school to see Alisha at Danceteria. Yes, it's better than seeing "All Night Passion" performed LIVE.

We figured the midnight crowd would have dissipated by 3am, I mean, shouldn't these people be in bed by 3am? We were convinced, night-owls that we are, that we could wipe the floor with the "normal" people.

Boy were we wrong. 3am and still not a parking spot to be had. It took us about half an hour just to get into the parking lot since there were a billion people trying to get in and trying to get out.

I came PREPARED with my shopping store sale printout, but it all proved to be fruitless.

40% off everything at Banana Republic?

Not for those who didn't want to stand in line for two hours in the frigid cold. I mean, a line for the Banana Republic? I mean, we're not fifteen anymore.

We got bounced around quite a bit and couldn't get into some of the stores we had planned on, but we did get a beautiful All-Clad pan, marked down from $500 to $125!

Peter also got a great Tumi laptop bag for about 60% discount!

All in all, it was a successful trip that paid for itself, but as we headed out of the outlet driveway being cut off by hundreds of SUVs, Peter said, "Well, I hope you enjoyed this because WE ARE NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN.

We'll see.

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running42k said...

An ode to commercialism.

Good pick up on the pan however.