Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How Can They Find That Many Ben Steins?

Tonight Ben Stein is scheduled to be on the Larry King show.

The very first time I saw the show, "Win Ben Stein's Money," the contestant they had on the show was named Ben Stein. My sister explained the concept of the show to me by saying, "You see, Ben Stein knows everything, so this other guy, whose name is also Ben Stein, is going to try to answer more questions than Ben Stein so he can win Ben Stein's money."

After my head reeled around the planet a few times, I asked:

"How many Ben Steins are there? How often is this show on that they can find that many people who are named Ben Stein? I mean, what do they do? Import people from Israel?"

For a moment, my sister looked at me like I was speaking in a different language. And yes, that language has a name, it's called: Stupidese.

And then I saw this look of recognition on her face, the, "Oh yes, must translate Stupidese into English" look. After all, I AM talking to MY SISTER.

"TODAY the show HAPPENS to have someone on the show named Ben Stein. But MOST of the time, the contestants are NOT named Ben Stein. The show is called Win Ben Stein's Money. Not Watch Another Ben Stein Win Ben Stein's Money."



Anonymous said...
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Ben P. Stein said...

Hi, I found your post. I was one of the Ben Steins on that show, and I made it to the final round (though the famous Ben killed me in that round). The other Ben Steins were smart too but the famous Ben was really good on the buzzer!