Wednesday, April 30, 2008

She Learned So Much

So Peter's mother left today. Peter told us that he needed to stop by his client's office so he had to take her home early. He asked me if I wanted to tag along, and I was like, "Go to work with you? Uh...Hmmm. No."

Then later, in the bedroom, he whispers, "I'm not going to work. Are you sure you don't want to come with me?"

My answer was, "You LIED to us?"

"Yeah. Do you want to go into the city with me?"


His mother had wanted to stay until the evening, but Peter wanted to take her home early. Because he didn't want to go through the whole song and dance of guilt, he told her he had to go to his client's office, which is 15 minutes away from her apartment.

So I did tag along, since we went to The CITY!!!! And had lunch at Angelica Kitchen! And dessert at Max the Bald Man's!!!!


Later, Peter said that his mother really loved reading all the magazines I got at the library.

She was amazed that I had so many People, Us Weekly, and Vogue magazines, and he told her that I got them for her. She told him that she had a lot of fun reading them and that, "I learned so much I didn't know before about celebrities!"

At least I'm doing my job - the job of celebrity educator. Maybe I should get a PhD in that.

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