Thursday, January 15, 2009

JCPenney Has Tricksy Mattresses

When I bought my mattress, I made a point to go to JCPenney to buy one of those "Natural" mattresses made of organic materials. Peter and I got into HUGE fights that day because when we went to the JCPenney in Nyack, that particular store didn't carry mattresses. However, Peter did purchase two pairs of Lee Jeans for a steal.

We traveled to a part of New Jersey no one with all their teeth venture to purchase this particular mattress. I felt the aggravation was worth it, since I wanted us to fall asleep in luxurious organicness every night for the next ten years.

So I was VERY UPSET to learn in this NY Times article that the mattress I bought, in the Natural Care line by Danny Seo is not so organic.

JCPenney sucks and they are lying liars! I am NEVER buying non-organic organic items from them EVER AGAIN!

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