Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Can't Get Rid of Stuff

I have been going through a tumult of cleaning the past few days. This is all coming about because I have gotten sick and tired of looking at my messy apartment and getting into arguments with Peter on why I cannot clean the floors before I clean the dogs and if I clean the dogs, I will have to clean the dog beds. If I clean the dog beds, I will have to clean out the laundry machine, which means that I cannot clean our clothes before I disinfect the laundry machine. I cannot clean the floors before I clean out all my papers. I cannot clean up my papers before I get a desk so I can keep my crap in it. I cannot clean the clothes before we get a new dresser because Peter gave away my dresser to the painter dude who sprayed blue paint all over my bathroom because he must have been too lazy to put drop cloths down.

But DESPITE all these things, I decided that I should start to clean the clothes and the bathroom and spruce up the kitchen and living room anyway. And it looks a LOT better than it did two days ago, so that's good.

The thing is, I am a huge procrastinator, mostly because I want am super lazy, but also because I want things to be done right, which makes each small task a huge undertaking. But my New Year's Resolution is to not let Peter live like a slob. Because if there's only one life to live, I don't want us to live like that dirty kid that was Charlie Brown's friend.

Inspired by my whirlwind of cleaning, Peter decided to get rid of some of his old computers. I don't know why he's kept them so long. But last night, he asked me to look up when we could dump old computers in Mamaroneck. So I pull up the Town of Mamaroneck's website and discovered that they will only accept computers on two days per year. One day in April and another day in October. Which means that if you are on a cleaning spree in January, you have no choice but to dump it somewhere you're probably not supposed to (which we would NEVER do, of course).

Sometimes I don't get this town. Why are we paying these huge taxes?

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