Monday, January 26, 2009

Superman Just Doesn't Make Sense

Tonight we saw the tail end of Superman Returns. What I didn't like about it was that every seemed too mamsy-pamsy to be those characters. Lois Lane was so meh...And Superman was not Super enough. Kevin Spacey didn't have any charm.

"You know what I didn't like about Superman?" Peter asked. "I didn't like the fact that there isn't any explanation to the phenomena."

"Do you mean stuff like, if Superman's hair is so strong, how does he get his hair cut?"

"Maybe his hair doesn't grow? There's no explanation."

"So he's destined to only have one hair style? And also, remember that movie where Lois Lane dies and he turned back time? If he can turn back time, why doesn't he just do that all the time?"

"Well, that would require too much energy."

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