Thursday, February 26, 2009

Brad Pitt's Never Going To Win That Oscar

Last Sunday, as I was watching the Oscars, I thought about something Peter had said about Brad Pitt few months ago.

Brad was going around all the talk shows talking up his new movie, especially since he had been nominated as Best Actor for the Oscars. However, he was wearing this strange little mustache.

"Oh, he's NEVER going to win that Oscar if he's going around with that Hitler mustache," Peter said.

"Maybe it's for a movie. Why else would a man groom that kind of mustache."

"Well, if he wants the Oscar, he needs to shave that off. He needs to tell the production company, 'Hey look. I can win an OSCAR. This may be my only shot at this and I am NOT jeopardizing this by going around talking to people about it in MY HITLER MUSTACHE.'"

As it turns out, he did not win the Oscar and I do believe it's all because of the mustache.

I haven't seen the Benjamin Button movie yet and my friend Andrew said, "You should, because they CGI him back into the Brad Pitt you fell in love with in A River Runs Through It."

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