Monday, February 02, 2009

Crawling On The Floor

Tonight we had two of Peter's friends over for the Superbowl, mainly because we have an HDTV. Peter likes sports, but when his team is in a tight spot, I have never seen him crawl on the floor on his hands and knees while groaning and keening like his friend Vinny, who wins the title hands down for most CRAZY STEELERS FAN. We will save that for when the kitten decides that she's had enough of this toilet-training nonsense and poops on our bed.

Thankfully, the Steelers won, although I have to admit that a part of me wanted to see Vinny flip out. I mean, if he's screaming and going nuts when the Steelers are several points behind, what would he be like when all hopes are dashed? Luckily, we live on the first floor in case he flung himself out the window. I would just hope that he doesn't break any of our stuff on the way out.

This reminds me of one of Peter and my first dates. He told me that he wasn't much of a sports fan and he hardly watches games. Which I learned later was completely untrue. He does enjoy watching sports and if we're at a restaurant and there's a game playing behind my head, if I took off all my clothes, it wouldn't even register with him. Therefore, you should date a man for more than several weeks before marrying him because what he thinks is true is different from what is the truth.

I tried to think of something I would feel so strongly about, but I have to say that I acted with much more decorum when George W. Bush won the presidential race against Kerry, and THAT determined the leader of our nation. Perhaps they haven't found that thing yet, the "Ice Skating While Fire-Breathing With the Stars" reality program which will inspire such passion in my heart. In that case, I would so be "Team Nia Peeples."

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