Monday, February 23, 2009


Last night a bad movie, called Turks 182 was on late-night television. It starred Kim Catrall and Timothy Hutton and it was so terrible that Peter said, "No WONDER their careers went down the crapper!"

I mentioned that she's really lucky that she ended up with the role on Sex and the City instead of the woman they originally hired and immediately, Peter wanted to know who that woman was.

"She's not popular," I said. "You wouldn't know her."

"Yes I would," he replied.

Peter does have this uncanny ability to pick out any character actor anywhere. He'll say, "Oh, see that guy picking up the trash in this movie? He used to be a judge on Law & Order."

"No," I said. "She's very little known, so you wouldn't know her."

I tried to google it, but couldn't find her name. I was talking to my friend Andrew at the time, so all three of us were googling to find out who this mystery person was. Andrew's from San Francisco, so I had people working coast-to-coast on this.

Our search phrases:

"Originally cast as Samantha Jones"

"Sex and the City Samantha Jones Actress First"

"Samantha Jones First"

"First Samantha Jones Sex and the City"

Later on I mentioned that I found out about this woman when she was interviewed for "Sex and the City E! True Hollywood Story and Peter shouted, "Well, WHY didn't you say that from the begginning? THAT would have made a difference.

New search terms:

"Sex and the City Samantha Jones E! True Hollywood Story"

"Samantha Jones E! True Hollywood Story"

"E! True Hollywood Story Originally Cast As Samantha Jones"

Etc, etc, etc,

It seems that this did not make a difference. This person was not on the Wikipedia Sex and the City page. She is UNGOOGLEABLE! My theory is that the producers of Sex and the City disappeared her. I don't know how and I don't know where, but it was DONE.

I have thrown down the gauntlet of Googledom. I have found the one ungoogleable item EVER.


Anonymous said...

Lou Thornton?

From user-added Trivia on Imdb, so not necessarily reliable, but FWIW:

plue said...

What were your search phrases?!? I can't believe you found it.