Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Speaking of Poop...

The cat pooped on her scratching pad today.

We have been experimenting with putting less and less litter on the toilet litter kwitter pan so that she can get used to going in the toilet with no litter. Apparently, this is just fine for tinkling, but when it comes to taking a dump, she NEEDS those tiny beads of litter to go poop, I guess the same way my father needed the morning paper.

The way her little kitty noggin worked today is that she scratched up a bunch of cardboard bits from her scratching pad and formed a mound of bits. She then pooped on her scratching pad and covered up the poop with the cardboard bits. ARGGG!

This is VERY disheartening.

This is the second time she's done her business on the scratch pad. So now, another $7.99 down the drain.

She had been pooping in the bathtub about once a week, which was fine because you can pick it up relatively easily and we're trying to get her used to pooping in the toilet, which she HATES. Now I'm a bit worried because she had now taken the pooping outside of the bathroom for the first time since she peed on her last scratching pad a few months ago.

I just don't want her looking around the house trying to find another elimination station. So every time we see her eyeing something, we scream, "Snap out of it!"

And then she jumps in terror and runs hiding under the sofa.

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