Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Cleanliness Is Next To...

We have a friend who comes over our house and never washes his hands. He goes into the bathroom, does his business, and we never hear the faucet turn on. I brought this up to Peter last night and he said:

"Oh. He doesn't wash his hands on purpose. He knows we think it's important. I believe he's making a point by doing that."

Of course, what goes on in my mind is, "@#&%!" You know, like in the old comics when a character does something so out there that there are just no proper words to express this.

"But...but...but," I said. "He's only hurting himself! And getting E.coli. all over the potato chips!"

I know that I'm a little over-the-top in my hygiene. I am always washing my hands. This traces back to when my sister Judy was born and I was eight years old. I was told to wash my hands and face THE MOMENT I got home so as to not get any germs on the oh-so-delicate baby.

Now it's just a habit. I come home and wash my hands and my face. I believe this makes the world a better place.

I find it completely crazy when other people refuse to practice good hygiene. I know men are gross, but I never thought that a friend of ours would PURPOSEFULLY not wash his hands in my house. Of course this makes me want to invite people over less. And that's the slippery slope down the slide of becoming a Crazy Cat Lady Hermit.

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