Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mt. Kisco Honda Sucks Part Deux: Don't Go to Kisco

Remember PART ONE? Well, here's part two:

The Honda dealership in Mt. Kisco has a jingle and it goes:

"Let's go to Kisco! Mt. Kisco HONDA!"

It is pretty catchy, but now I have a sour feeling. We got the car back and the workers stepped all over our car seats, leaving very muddy footprints on the seats. I was so ANGRY. But Peter says that there's no point in calling and telling them about this because they won't care.

Keep in mind, I've had my windshield changed three times already and not once did any of the other guys need to step on the seats. I think that they did this deliberately because they didn't want to change the windshield.

But to add insult to injury, while we were at Whole Foods, I opened the back of my car and noticed that they CHANGED MY LICENSE PLATE frame. Now there's a black frame that says:


"Let's go to Kisco."

I've decided to use my labeler and paste over certain words so now my license plate reads:


"DON'T go to Kisco."


running42k said...

Pretty ballsy of them to change the license plate without asking. That is also bizarre about them stepping on your seats. Most mechanics I know are meticulous about cleanliness in customers cars, with those throw away automats and covers on the seats.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, the techs don't change windshields at Mt. Kisco Honda or most other dealerships for that matter. I've had my odyssey windshield changed at Mt. Kisco Honda but they informed me they have a windshield repair/replace service come and do the job, and that i would have to wait a couple of days since they only come once a week or so. I'm suprised the service writer did not tell you or maybe you overheard it. Ive never had any problems with the service department or the dealership for that matter. I'f anything you should be bashing the window/replace company that you are not aware of =)

plue said...

I still blame the dealership for the poor service in letting people get DIRT AND GRIME all over my car. That and the general obnoxiousness of the guys I dealt with. Mount Kisco Honda STILL SUCKS.