Monday, January 07, 2008

Most Disgusting Couple Post of the Year

Okay, I don't mean disgusting-gross, I meant disgusting-ughhhhhhhh.

Right before Christmas there was a BOMBARDMENT of celebrity perfumes ads and the most ridiculous one involves Charlize Theron tearing jewelry and clothes off her body and saying:

"J'aduhhhhhhhhhhhhh Diuhhhhhhhhhhh."

Makes me laugh EVERY time. That's brand-new comedy right there.

One time, after this commercial aired, I asked Peter:

"If I had a fragrance, what would it be called?"


"Don’t you think that’s kind of prosaic?"

"It’s not your fault that you smell like Heaven."

I found a list of celebrity fragrances. Did you know that the Hulk had a fragrance? Although I believe his real title is "The Incredible Hulk." Ya think he splashes this on before putting on those purple pants?

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running42k said...

That is so sweet I think I got a cavity.

Never heard of the Hulk fragrance. Even if I had, I don't think I would buy it, and I read comics.