Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Movie Theater is That-a-Way

Peter has the worst sense of direction. He deserves an Oscar for worst sense of direction. I don't have a great sense of direction, since I am a landmark direction person - this means that I will never know what street I'm on, I just know that my cousin Mark's apartment is a block away from Nobody Beats the Wiz (which used to be Unique Boutique).

Our friend John once said, "No one can have THAT bad a sense of direction."

I told him that once we were in Irvington and Peter didn't know if we were going North or South. I said, "Well, since the Hudson River is on our left, we must be going North."

To which he replied, "Why do you say that?"

John's reaction to this story?

"Oh dear..."

So we're at the Ghirardelli ice cream store having a Delicious Sundae and a Waffle Cone when Peter insists that the movie theater is this-a-way.

Since we have been to this place about thirty times before, I tell him that actually, the movie theater is that-a-way.

There are times when Peter is so wrong, but he is so confident that he's right it's downright irksome. So I laid out a bet. Whoever is wrong has to take the dogs out ALL DAY the next day.

Peter smirks and happily accepts the bet. We ask the waiter where the movie theater is and he points that-a-way.

But Peter is not going to accept defeat just yet, he is so convinced that he's right that he says to the waiter:

"No, The AMC Theater. Which direction is the AMC Theater."

The waiter looks at Peter like, "I just answered that question!" He pointed that-a-way again and said, "The movie theater is THAT way."

Of course, I'm giggling the entire time.

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