Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Should I Be Scared of Rocky?

A few days ago, a Doberman killed a baby in Brooklyn. The night I found out about it, I started freaking out and spent the next few hours googling "Dog Kills Baby" and reading EVERY story that popped up.

At first I was relieved, because the list of baby-killing dogs were:

German Shepard

But then an article popped up which shocked me -- a Pomeranian dog killed a baby a few years ago. In case you didn't know, a Pomeranian dog weighs about 6 lbs.

Then I googled "Labrador Kills Baby." Fortunately, I didn't find one case. Feeling brave, I googled "Siberian Husky Kills Baby" which yielded 2 results (although one of them was a Siberian/Shepard mix).

I started to look at my dogs, who are the sweetest dogs in the world, and wondered if a baby could make them snap. If the sight of a vulnerable, soft-headed baby could make them want to chew it up like a dog toy.

I walked over to the bedroom where Peter was, and asked him, "Do you think that one of our dogs could kill a baby?"

And he said, "Oh, I would NEVER trust a dog alone with a BABY!"

So I guess the answer was yes?


running42k said...

I trust my dog with our kids but I don't let her babysit either.

Be Inspired Always said...

You just never know what a dog will do around a baby. I always use caution when I'm in a situation with an animal, no matter how trusting you wish you could feel.