Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Feet Are Tired and It's AWP's Fault

I went to the first day of the AWP conference this year, which was held in NYC - the best city in the world, but the conference was located in mid-town Manhattan - the worst place in NYC.

Last year the conference was in Atlanta, where all the book tables were in one huge room, so you could see all your friends. This year the book fair is split up into three rooms, and we're stuck in a corner behind a wall, which sucks.

This means walking up and down stairs and walking all across creation every time I want to talk to somebody at another magazine because everyone's so...spread...apart.

AND John Hodgman is NOT coming to our story reading OR party...because he had to go to LA to film another Mac commercial...likely story. Boo.

Next year the conference is in number two...Chicago in the middle of winter is what I call Shitcago.

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