Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Everybody's A Star

I discovered a web site the other day written by someone Peter and I used to know. It's basically a web site chronicling the everyday details of this person's daughter, written in the child's point of view.

I thought that was a strange choice because most of the posts were about how wonderful her parents are...so basically, the adults are writing wonderful things about themselves, but putting the words into the mouth of their infant. It kind of creeped me out a little bit, but it made Peter mad.

"There used to be an understanding that there are some people who did interesting things and some other people were interesting, and they put themselves out there. But now, with blogs, anybody can write about anything and put it up on the internet and feel as if they're relevant. And now you have thousands of people who think they're contributing to the world because they take the time to write some nonsense on a stupid blog."

Did I mention that Peter's a cool-person-snob? Of course, this diatribe was followed by a, "Well, not you, honey. Because YOU are INTERESTING and a GOOD WRITER."


And then he had another very good point:

"Do you know how much I HATE IT when I'm looking for information and I'll randomly get forwarded to someone's blog? Do you know HOW ANNOYING IT IS?"

So for all those people out there who are looking to see if Brad Pitt is a vegetarian or want to see pictures of Liz Cho's feet:

I'm sorry.

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