Monday, May 19, 2008

Let's Hope It's a Software Problem

The one thing I really hate about bourocrasy, oops, I mean bureaucracy (I thought that looked strange) of any kind is when people say, "Oh, don't worry, just do THIS. It'll be fine."

The nurse over at the fertility clinic basically told me that once I get my period, I should just call up some clinics for a test I needed to have done. She didn't say, "By the way. If you get your period on a Friday afternoon after 3pm, you'll have to wait until Monday morning to make any sort of appointments, by which time, EVERYTHING will have filled up."

I had a bit of misfortune because I'm supposed to get this test done on Day 5-10 of my cycle and this week happens to end on Memorial Day weekend, so there are three prime days for testing that are completely off the table. I called about seven places before I could find one that would squeeze me in. Everyone else said, "Sorry, just call back during your next cycle."

Right. The whole REASON I have to get this test done is that I HAVE NO REGULAR CYCLE. If I couldn't get an appointment, I might have to wait another THREE MONTHS.

I also got annoyed today because I had to cancel a get-together with a friend of mine because of all these doctor's appointments. When I explained the situation, she clicked her teeth very judgemental-like and said, "Oh, why are you doing that? You don't want to go down THAT path, do you?"

When I explained that I was going to get the baseline tests done so that I can figure out what I want to do, she kept saying things about how terrible the infertility process is and how I shouldn't do it. It took her two months having mundane sex with her husband to conceive her daughter, so I felt that she had no right to make any comments on my choices.

She went on and on and I interrupted her by saying, "Yes, well there's a possibility that there's nothing wrong physically so that I won't have to resort to anything terrible. If it's a hormone issue and I can take a pill, that's something I'd like to find out and I think it's the smart thing to do."

Basically, in Peter-computer-geek-speak, I'm hoping that it's a software problem and not a hardware problem.

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