Saturday, May 17, 2008

No Love for The Cafe of Love in Mount Kisco

There's a cafe that just opened up a few weeks ago that is the sister store to the soup place we love, Ladles of Love. The only bad part about the soup place is that there's no place to sit down.

Yesterday, Peter took me to the Cafe of Love in Mount Kisco and we had a really disappointing time. The soup place has plenty of vegetarian options, and the menu specifically points out what is vegetarian and what isn't. So we figured that this new restaurant would do the same. There was only one dish that didn't have meat in it, and Peter does this thing where he says, "Let's stay. There's something I can eat."

But what he really means is, "I don't want to eat here."

You would think that I could figure this out by now, but I think I get confused by Peter's very cheerful and laid-back demeanor.

What kind of sucks about Westchester is the Westchester-type. And this place was full of them. This is the guy who takes up way too much space and is super-loud-obnoxious, and when a wait person says, "Excuse me," he completely ignores them and if he moves, will not look waitstaff in the eye. Because servants don't exist.

I really can't stand Westchester-guy. But, hey! This place is in Westchester, so y'gotta expect this. It's a cute restaurant and the owner is really nice, but the vibe in that place is a little gross.

When we sit down, Peter asks for the pasta dish if they can make it without sausage, but unfortunately, they can't. There's only one other dish he can order and it was...a cheddar omelet. I mean, who has a cheddar omelet for dinner?

We ordered the pomme frites, which are pretty good, but are not really pomme frites. They're French Fries. We were expecting real European-style pomme frites.

And then, Peter's meal comes...with a side of pomme frites.

Even though, yes, we read the menu, I still felt that it was the waiter's job to let us know that the ONLY THING PETER COULD ORDER came with a side of the appetizer we ordered. He could have said, "Y'know, the thing you ordered comes with that appetizer, you might want to try something else."

That made me really mad. I used to wait tables so I know the waiter's job. He is supposed to ensure that you have a good meal and who wants to eat two portions of the same thing?

Peter kept saying, "We had the menus in front of us. We're supposed to order our own meals."

And my response was, "When I used to wait tables I would point out things like this and take the time to explain the menu because that's HOW I MADE GOOD TIPS."

My meal was really good, but I couldn't really enjoy it because I kept looking across the table at a VERY unhappy husband.

"I feel really bad about this," I said.

"Well, you should," he said.

HUH? I thought? You said? What about "Let's stay. There's something for me to eat?"

Sometimes I just don't know what to do. At other times when I have insisted we leave a restaurant, Peter gets really mad because he says things like, "I told you IT WAS OKAY. Let's STAY."

Other times, it's, "You SHOULD feel bad."

This married to a vegetarian thing is so annoying sometimes.

Another disappointing Westchester restaurant. So what else is new? The only place we keep going to in Westchester is Tomatillo, but that CANNOT be the only great place with good food and nice vibes in this county!

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insane mama said...

I hate going out to eat with my husband also! It's always something, either he doesn't like the food, or the waiter, or the person behind us...
It is so annoying