Friday, May 30, 2008

The Dog UnWhisperer

Yesterday Peter took the dogs out and this guy with his dog came toward Rocky and Scout - and of course they immediately flip out.

"This is GREAT PRACTICE!" The guy said to Peter.

Peter hates when people come near the dogs because they are badly trained. We are not whispering to our dogs so they jump around and act crazy.

The guy proceeds to tell Peter that he recently bought Cesar's book and is trying out all the techniques. And then he said that he was surprised that the dogs at the condo don't seem to be getting along.

"Yeah," Peter said. "There are a lot of asshole dogs here -- and a lot of asshole dog owners too."

"You did NOT say that to him," I said.

"Yeah I did. What kind of asshole sees the dogs go nuts and out of control and decide to come CLOSER TO US for the purposes of PRACTICE. Someone who doesn't GIVE A SHIT about anyone else but HIMSELF... ASSHOLE."

'nuf said.

Please come up to us if you are non-asshole-y and non-dog-whispering.

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