Friday, May 09, 2008


Peter and I are at the Westin Dilpomat Resort Hotel & Spa in Hollywood, FL. I know, it's a mouthful, but the place is HUGE and has 2 locations.

We've had to change our rooms twice since we got here - Basically, when we first checked in, because we have different last names and we are here for a conference, the hotel booked us a room with two double beds. And even though at the lobby, when the front desk clerk said, "Two double beds, is that alright?" Peter was the one who said, "Sure!"

But when we get to the room, Peter looked at the beds and said, "Those are WAY too small! You move around WAY too much while you sleep." So I had to run downstairs and change our room. I'm sure it was annoying to the clerk. He said that they had another room with a king-sized bed, but there was no balcony, which was fine with me, because the balcony in that room basically overlooked the next building and had a lovely view of the 7Eleven.

Our next room was on the 35th floor and gorgeous! I felt a bit bad, but every time we have requested a room change at a hotel, we were given a room that was head and tails better than the one we had originally, which is positive reinforcement for negative behavior. I may have to start asking for room changes more often, if that's the case.

We had a view of the ocean and the city, and we were really happy there until a few hours ago when there was a torrential rain and thunderstorm that lasted for about ten minutes, but resulting in the cascading of water down the sides of the window which got poured all over the carpet. I think all of the rainwater in Hollywood, Fl landed on our carpet, there was so much water.

So, room change number 2 - And this last room we got is completely fantastic. Full-on ocean-view WITH a balcony! I think if we ask for another room change, we're going to get the Presidential suite.

When I told my sister this story, she said that she is very sure that hotel double-beds are smaller than real-life double beds, and I must agree. Although I'm sure the front-desk clerk would beg to differ.

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