Monday, June 23, 2008


We've been taking the dogs to the Kensico Dam for early evening walks this spring. It's good exercise for us and the dogs and it's actually brought us all closer together. The dogs have been happier and they're actually more affectionate.

Walks are bonding. Cesar was right!

The great thing about this park is that they have dog poop bag dispensers all over the place and yesterday I got one and noticed that it was bio-degradable! This is very good news because I've just been made aware of all the terrible plastic that's going in landfills everywhere to never break down and piling up all over the planet.

So when Rocky pooped, Peter picked it up with the bio-degradable bag and said, "Gross! This bag almost broke on me!"

I guess that's the thing with bio-de-breakable-degradable bags.


Anonymous said...

Dog parks are now using biodegradable bags - including the ossining dog park.

Also - you should try Grandma's of Yorktown - for dinner. It has veggie options and awesome pie. It has this 12.95 dinner special thing with salad, meal & pie and coffee - more than enough for left overs. Good veggie options as well.

plue said...

We actually did have dinner at Grandma's -- because we watch the show Pushing Daisies and we got a hankering for pie. Do you think that Grandma's uses lard for the pie crust? I know many restaurants do and I worry about it (but have kept this fact from Peter..the whole "don't ask don't tell" vegetarianism).

Anonymous said...

Didn't even consider the lard issue. The pie was incredibly good and the rest of the dinner was good as well. I had the apple napolean - apple pie and crust with vanilla pudding and crust crunchies on top with cinammon and sugar. Great pie!