Friday, June 06, 2008

It's Gonna Be a Rude Wedding

A few days ago, I went to an editor's meeting at the magazine I work for and someone said something about the 4th of July. I said, "Oh, I can't go to that. I have to go to a wedding that day."

"A WEDDING on the FOURTH OF JULY!!!! HOW RUDE!!!!" One of the interns practically shouted this in my ear and I almost passed out from the fright.

Someone else said, "Who has a wedding on the fourth of July?"

The intern said, "Well, I hope you didn't get them a GIFT because you OBVIOUSLY aren't GOING!"

I said, "Well, I kind of have to go because it's my husband's nephew's wedding. And not only do I have to get them a gift, I'm going to have to give cash."

This reaction was really strange to me. More so because the intern who thinks it's SO RUDE is actually Australian, and it's kind of funny that his ire got all tangled up in his panties. The general consensus all around the table was that this person who is planning his wedding on the Fouth of July should be punished forever and mean things were said about him by complete strangers. Things like:

"He doesn't want people to attend. That way he gets the gifts without having to pay for meals."
"He wants to ruin everyone's weekend."
"He's cheap."
"He is really self-centered."
"He wants you to sit in traffic for a million years."
"He wants everyone at the wedding to resent him."

I am very upset that I have to give up my fourth of July because this is the only holiday I have with my family. My parents own a restaurant that is open on Christmas (because they have a lot of Jewish customers) and New Year's. The fourth of July is the only day they close the restaurant and we all get together to have dinner at a nice place and watch the fireworks. The fact that I have to go to this wedding really makes my sister mad and every time it gets mentioned she whines and says, "But that's OUR holiday! They get Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas! They can't take the fourth of July too! It's not fair!"

Those Catholics are so damned selfish.

I guess it's a good thing no one in my culture gets married in July, because it is the Month of Death and a very unlucky month for marriages. Plus, the number 4 in Chinese actually sounds like "death." So no Chinese person would EVER get married on the fourth of any month, least of all the Month of Death, but then again, fireworks is good luck so perhaps they cancel each other out?

But I wouldn't chance it by having a fourth of July wedding. Hey, 1.3 billion people can't be wrong, right?

What do you think Internet? Is it extremely rude to have a wedding on the fourth of July?


P said...

I don't think it's rude. It's really hard to nail down a date for weddings. I try to remember that I don't know all the burdens everyone else is carrying.

plue said...

I think that any wedding during a major holiday is not very considerate--at the wedding, the couple suffered a lot of no-shows and told us a few weeks later that their guests weren't very generous--since a lot of those same people attended my wedding and gave very generously, I think people may have been peeved. But when I met the bride, I found out she was new to America--which explained a lot.