Monday, June 09, 2008


Two days ago, on the hottest day ever created, my condo had its annual tag sale. I thought that it would be a great opportunity to get rid of stuff that I didn't want to move into my new place.

My very first problem was that I didn't have any tables to put the stuff on, so my sister suggested that I put towels and blankets on the floor. She is a veteran of many tag sales and garage sales, so that's what I did. She was also oh-so-nice enough to actually come and help me with the sale since Peter said in no uncertain terms that he would NOT be helping me AT ALL and that I WAS CRAZY to even try to attempt to sell my junk.

At around 9:42am, I called my sister, who said she would be here at 8:30am - she's usually punctual, but when I called, her sleepy voice said, "Oh, crap."

At 10am, I laid down a dozen towels and loaded all my stuff onto them... BY MYSELF while Peter was sleeping soundly in bed. Although he did at one point open up one eyelid and say, "You aren't going to ask me to help you, are you? Because this is a really stupid idea and you are ON YOUR OWN."


Jenny got there by 10:30am and said, "Hey! I brought all my crap...uh...I meant...GREAT STUFF!"

After she laid all her stuff out, we had a mass of people come by who bought some clothes, a bar of soap, my 4 tubes of Aquafresh toothpaste, and a bunch of rags. As I looked at all my things, I said to Jenny:

"Y'know. When I put all this stuff together, I thought it was great stuff, but now that they're all laid out on the asphalt, it kind of looks like just a bunch of crap no one is going to want."

"Don't feel bad," Jenny said. "I mean, if it was stuff you wanted, you wouldn't be trying to sell it."

"I just wished I had better things to sell...but why would I want to sell my good things?"

"My point exactly."

Our big accomplishment of the day was selling a HUGE stuffed dog Jenny's friend won at Great Adventure, and has been sitting in our house for 4 years causing my parents mountains of distress. But whenever we told them to just throw it out, my mother wouldn't because she said that some kid out in the world is going to LOVE this stupid stuffed dog, so she felt bad just chucking it out.

Well, we found her. This little girl asked me how much we were selling the dog for and I said, "A Dollar!"

Her mom smiled and gave me a dollar and the look on that little girl's face was priceless. This whole tag sale idea was worth it if only to see that expression on her face, because after 6 hours of standing in 95 degree sunstrokey weather, we made about 80 dollars.

At 4pm, I told Peter, "You know what valuable lesson I learned from all this? I learned that I should just throw out my junk because it just isn't worth all this effort for 80 bucks."

"You couldn't of figured that out before?"

I guess not.

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