Saturday, June 28, 2008

Second String

As I had mentioned previously, we're going to a wedding on the Fourth a July. And no, we're NOT HAPPY about this. A friend of mine commented that only very rarely does a Fourth of July happen to fall on a long weekend day and to take away that long weekend from everyone who has to be at the wedding (guests and also the catering staff) is not okay. Fine. Fine. Fine. Enough ranting about this stupid freaking wedding already!

Yesterday, Peter got invited to the bachelor party, which of course, is being held on Saturday. That's right. 2 days notice.

I mean, which is ruder? Not getting invited to an event or getting invited two days before the event? You might as well tell the person that a lot of other people couldn't make it and now you're calling the second string people. I'm annoyed whenever people are phony and I think this is a completely asshole thing to do. Just man up and not invite a person at all instead of using the "I invited him two days before the event so I invited him" rationalization.

Every day I get more and more annoyed that this wedding is going to be on the Fourth.

But I'm not the only one. Peter's nephew put down a "plus one" on his response (according to his grandmother) so I asked him who he was bringing.

"Oh. I'm not bringing anyone."

"You can't do that! They have to pay for that plate!"

"Uhm. They're getting married on the Fourth of July. That's my 'fuck you' in return for their 'fuck you.'"

Isn't family grand?

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Anonymous said...

Wow. You guys sound like total assholes. Have you considered it might be easier for out of town guests to make it on a long weekend? Or that the 4th is a special day for the couple? Or that instead of being an asshole you could just shut up and NOT go.