Monday, February 04, 2008

Welcome to New Yawk!

I threw Peter a Superbowl Party/40th Birthday party last night and during the planning of it, we didn't expect a New York team to actually be at the Superbowl, much less going head-to-head with "The Team of HISTORY."

So when the day came nearer, I know that a lot of Peter's friends would rather hole up in their darkened bedrooms and watch the Superbowl under the covers. Fortunately, they manned up and came to the party.

Peter's one birthday wish was to see the look on Belichick's face at the press conference after they lost their perfect season to the Giants, and for some reason, I had a good feeling that it was going to happen. Just because it would be a great 40th birthday present and I hadn't gotten him a present yet because I was so busy at the AWP conference, and goshdarnit, Peter's so great he deserves anything he wants on his birthday. A Giants win and a vanilla/chocolate Ben & Jerry's ice cream cake.

And of course, that's exactly what happened. There was a lot of screaming and "This is HAPPENING!s" and Peter's nephew Tony almost got thrown off the porch for making jinxy comments.

After the game, one of the guys at that party said, "Of course this could only happen with a New York team. You think you're going to end with the perfect season? Fuck You! Welcome to New Yawk!"


Anonymous said...

it was pretty f'ing awesome...

running42k said...

Your friends watch football snuggly in their beds?

I love the way you write about Peter. Such love is nice to see.

I am glad the cosmos cooperated for his bday.

plue said...

I think my friends were a bit worried about their team and wanted to be off by themselves, but everyone had a nice time.

Thanks for the note about Peter - he thinks that I'm always poking fun at him!