Wednesday, February 13, 2008

And You Do Not Want A Very Expensive Towed

The other day someone in this complex got his car towed. Each parking spot here is assigned except for the guest spots, and people around here are just chomping at the bit to have someone towed. This is great sport in the complex and everyone stands around outside watching the tow trucks come by with their yellow lights dancing and they don't go back inside until the car has been dispatched down the ramp.

A few years ago Peter and I visited Chicago and went to a fancy event for the Cambodian Association. Throughout the evening, a lady went up to the microphone and said:

If you are parked in an illegal parking spot, you will be towed. And you do not want to pay for a very expensive towed. (Of course, this sounds like "expensive toad")

So now, every time someone gets towed, Peter says, "Someone is going to pay for a very expensive towed."

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