Friday, February 08, 2008

Not Saving the Planet Today

In an effort to save the planet, Peter put a lightly-used Ziploc bag in the dishwasher because we learned that we can re-use Ziplocs if it is safely washed. This Ziploc bag was placed inside-out in the dishwasher, so when I fished it out, I flipped it back to its usable state.

A few hours later, I hear, "Oh NO!"

I rushed into the kitchen to see what happened.

Peter was in the process of spooning the leftover tomato paste into the washed Ziploc bag, but he had flipped it inside-out so it could not close.

He had remembered that he put it in the dishwasher inside-out, so when he saw it, he went ahead and flipped it back around.

Oh well. Operation Save the Planet from another Ziploc bag = FOILED!

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